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Gospel Definitions: Daniel Montgomery & Mike Cosper

For a few years now, I’ve been collecting and posting Gospel Definitions from pastors, theologians, and scholars. It’s been interesting to see other authors and church leaders work through and comment on the various definitions of the good news.

Daniel Montgomery and Mike Cosper’s new book, Faithmapping: A Gospel Atlas for Your Spiritual Journey, includes a section called “The Whole Gospel,” in which they speak of the gospel in three aspects: kingdom, cross, and grace:

What is the gospel of the kingdom? It is the good news that life with God under the rule of God is available to all who would turn from their rebellion and trust in King Jesus. (43)

What is the gospel of the cross? It is the good news that through faith in Jesus’ perfect life, death for our sins, and victorious resurrection from the dead, we are justified and reconciled to God. (67)

What is the gospel of grace? The gospel of grace is the good news of God’s wonderful acceptance of us not because we have earned it or deserve it but because he gives it to us freely at Christ’s expense. (85)

Daniel and Mike encourage us to embrace and proclaim the “whole” gospel:

“The great temptation is to allow one aspect to overshadow or compete with the others… The case we’re making is that the gospel is not simply a kingdom message or a cross message or a grace message – it’s all three. Our tendency, for a variety of reasons, is to splinter the message, to exalt one aspect over the others, and to diminish the scope and impact of the others. By doing this, it is we who suffer, missing out on the totality of the message of the gospel.” (90)

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