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The Missional Church Is Pointed in 5 Directions

Missional churches are not just “outward focused.” The biblical position is more robust (and beautiful) than the inward / outward dichotomy.

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Why Younger Evangelicals May Feel Uneasy In A Patriotic Church Service

Why younger evangelical pastors find themselves in a quandary whenever July 4 rolls around.


Discussing the Future of Evangelicalism with Sarah Pulliam Bailey, Jonathan Merritt, and Ed Stetzer

Will evangelicals eventually agree to disagree on the legitimacy of same-sex relationships and same-sex marriage?

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The Kindness That Will Kill Your Church

Kindness apart from love devolves into mere “niceness,” and too often, niceties are employed to hide the disease of lovelessness.

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4 Marks of Biblical Discipleship

As we make disciples, we shouldn’t forget four key aspects of this task and why they matter.

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Southern Fried Faith: Surviving and Thriving as You Minister in the South

While I love the South, I love it with eyes wide open.

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Is There “A Way Forward” for the United Methodist Church?

Let’s pray that Wesley’s passionate love for Jesus and devotion to God’s Word would once again flood the churches of his theological descendants.

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5 Ways to Encourage Cultural Engagement Without Hijacking Your Church

What do you do when one person wants their passion to be the primary passion for the whole church? How do you encourage your church members to pursue various passions without losing your church’s primary focus?


“Because We’re Christians, Kids”

We want our kids to be okay when they are in step with the kingdom and out of step with the world.

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Defending the Faith is about Life, Not Just Doctrine

What’s needed today is a robust understanding of the Christian faith that recognizes the multi-faceted meaning of orthodoxy.

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