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12 Books that Showcase the Grand Narrative of Scripture

One of the best ways to get a feel for the Bible’s narrative is to read through the Bible chronologically. Another way is to read at least one or two Bible overview books a year. Here are 12 books I recommend.

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4 Marks of Biblical Discipleship

As we make disciples, we shouldn’t forget four key aspects of this task and why they matter.

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3 Wrong Assumptions Church Leaders Make

What we’ve assumed to be true about the people in our congregations isn’t in line with reality. Much of our angst could be resolved by correcting our assumptions.

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Panel Discussion on Group Ministry in the Local Church

Here is the video from a discussion panel on Group Ministry in the Local Church. I was joined by Eric Geiger, author of Transformational Groups, Robby Gallaty, author of Growing Up, and Daniel Montgomery, author of Faithmapping.

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The Fault Lines Before the Evangelical Earthquake

The World Vision decision was a tremor that warns us of a coming earthquake in which churches and leaders historically identified with evangelicalism will divide along all-too-familiar fault lines.

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“God’s Like That” – What My Kids Got From Studying Hosea

God tells a prophet to marry a prostitute, give their children horrible names, and then go back and purchase his wife after she is unfaithful. How do you teach this story to kids?

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T4G Panel Discussion on Group Ministry in the Local Church

I’m excited to host a free panel discussion at T4G this year. Daniel Montgomery, Robby Gallaty, and Eric Geiger will join me for a conversation about how to develop a wise discipleship plan for the local church.

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3 Reasons Why a Christian Worldview Still Matters

To be a good missionary, we need to have our own minds formed by the Scriptures, and at the same time, we need to understand how people think—the people we’ve been called to reach. That’s why we need to be familiar with the big questions of life and the big debates in our world.

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3 Things to Remember in Discussion with Doubters

My hope is that our churches will be places where we can have good, honest conversations about the questions that matter. Let’s learn how to talk about our faith in ways that strengthen those who are struggling.

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Is Your Bible Study a Christian Bible Study?

I’m convinced that a lot of Christians are in Bible study, but they’re not doing Christian Bible study. Here’s what I mean.

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