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“Because We’re Christians, Kids”

We want our kids to be okay when they are in step with the kingdom and out of step with the world.

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The Fault Lines Before the Evangelical Earthquake

The World Vision decision was a tremor that warns us of a coming earthquake in which churches and leaders historically identified with evangelicalism will divide along all-too-familiar fault lines.

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“God’s Like That” – What My Kids Got From Studying Hosea

God tells a prophet to marry a prostitute, give their children horrible names, and then go back and purchase his wife after she is unfaithful. How do you teach this story to kids?

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When Things Get Complicated, Remember the Basics

I don’t have all the answers to the ethical issues we face today. Nor do I know what issues will soon appear on the horizon. What I do know is this: when things get complicated, we should remember the basics.

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Loving Jesus While Leaving the Church: A Conversation with Ken Easley and Chris Morgan (2)

What is it about North American culture that leads us to dichotomize Jesus and the Church?

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Letter from a Millennial Who Walked Away

I never wanted to walk away from Jesus or his followers, but I feel like I’m left with no choice. Based on the testimony of others my age, I know I’m not alone. There are people like me walking away every day. Why?

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Continuing the Conversation Begun By the “Anonymous Youth Pastor”

There are a cluster of issues surrounding youth ministry, our expectations regarding church, our students, and our pastors. Here are a number of issues begging for further reflection.

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Anonymous Youth Pastor’s Letter to a Parent

I must confess that I am frustrated right now because I feel like you’re working against me, not with me.

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Take the Long View

The Christian leaders who speak to future generations tend to be the ones who taught the Bible consistently and rigorously. Why? Because they anchored themselves to the one book that transcends time.

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Why Millennials Are Leaving the Church: A Response to Rachel Held Evans

Some millennials want the church to become a mirror – a reflection of our particular preferences and desires. But other millennials want to pass the gospel on to the next generation, to live in ways that call into question the idolatries of our age, to stand in a long line of believers who have been out of the mainstream, but who love Jesus, love people, and aren’t afraid to call everyone to repentance.

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