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Telling the Ragamuffin Story of Rich Mullins: An Interview With Director David Leo Schultz

“From the beginning I knew that in terms of doing a bio-picture, I wanted to flip the model on it’s head, and make God the hero of story.”

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Pastors’ Kids Don’t Want Superman; They Want a Loving, Present Father

A conversation about Barnabas Piper and the challenges pastors’ kids face.

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Southern Fried Faith: Surviving and Thriving as You Minister in the South

While I love the South, I love it with eyes wide open.

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How Can We Preach in An Age of Distraction?

The preacher’s business is with the mind; we have to get people’s attention, and hold their attention, if we hope for our message to make a difference.

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Sacrificial Love is the Key to the Christian Life

A conversation with Alan Cross about racism, the church, and dying to our preferences.

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Have Evangelicals Inflated the Orphan Crisis?

Evangelicals have been criticized for inflating the orphan crisis by increasing the demand for adoptable children in developing nations. Rick Morton explains this critique and why it doesn’t apply to us


Learning from Our Mistakes: The Orphan Care Movement Matures

A conversation with Rick Morton about the maturing of the orphan care movement.


John Stott’s Godly Ambition: A Conversation with Alister Chapman

Why John Stott is a good model of a person who went after God full-bore, and therefore someone worthy of emulation.

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Our Goal is Not Diversity; It’s Love

Trillia Newbell and I discuss what diversity looks like within the church and why ethnic and cultural diversity in and of itself should not be the goal to which Christians aspire.


“The Original Jesus Was Far Better Than Any Image I’d Been Offered”

A conversation with Carl Laferton about his book, Original Jesus.

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