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The New Abortion Absolutists

Are abortion rights supporters fully embracing an absolutist agenda, one that legitimizes and praises a woman’s choice to abort, no matter the circumstances?

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Gungor, Questions, and the Doubters Among Us

Why we can’t simply celebrate or condemn the skeptic’s questions.

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President Obama’s Mythical 21st Century

If history shows us anything, it is that “the future” has often belonged to those who are passionate enough about their cause to destroy anything in their way in order to build something different.

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Ferguson is Ripping the Bandages off our Racial Wounds

Too many of us think: If we can just contain the problem, our way of life won’t be affected. Self-preservation and the support for our own way of life closes our ears to the cries around us.


The Progressive Appeal to an Imaginary Calendar

To be a “progressive” implies that your primary impulse is to progress beyond the present and lead the way toward better days. But not everything we foresee in the future is worth pursuing.

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Learning from Rich Mullins – a Ragamuffin at the Door of God’s Mercy

Rich Mullins was a sinner and a saint, like all believers in Jesus, and this movie does a good job showing us both aspects of Rich’s life.

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The Supreme Court Agrees with Hobby Lobby, But Your Neighbor Probably Doesn’t

You may be thrilled at the Hobby Lobby verdict, but there’s a good chance your neighbor isn’t. In fact, a growing number of Americans don’t see “religious liberty” as important.

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The Symphony That Saved a City

‘People just stood and cried, They knew that this was not a passing episode but the beginning of something. We heard it in the music. We triumphed over the soulless Nazi war machine.’

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18 Principles from Pixar’s Culture

18 quotes from “Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration”

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The Surprising and Sickening Outrage over Josie Cunningham’s Abortion

A woman in the United Kingdom faces an unplanned pregnancy that prevents her from taking the next step in her career. Great Britain erupts in judgment and anger toward the woman. What gives?

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