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Why We Need Both Clarity and Courage in Preaching

What is needed in the pulpits of the world today is a combination of clarity and courage, or of ‘utterance’ and ‘boldness’.

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There Is a Far Kingdom

An enchanting melody and lyric from The Gray Havens.

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Truth, Full to the Bursting, Fuels My Worship

“Christ in me” is an all-encompassing, all-empowering fact from which no quarter of my worship can be excused.

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Empires Fall as Victims of Their Own Proud Illusions

All earthly civilizations are indeed corruptible and must one day perish.

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The God Who Will Not Be Tribalized

To tribalize God is to preach, teach, and live as though He exists to promote the narrow interest of a particular group, culture, or country…


Proclaim The Gospel, Not Your Own Thoughts

Let Jesus manifest Himself in His own light. Do not cast a light on Him or attempt to show the sun with a candle.

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Mourning the Destructiveness of the Divorce Culture

One must have a heart of iron to pretend that all is fine, when children must suffer so badly for the selfishness of their parents; when children must be “grown up,” so that their parents can persist in behaving like self-willed children.

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100 Years Ago Today, Europe Bumbled Into War

100 years ago today, the last chance for peace was Belgium.


C. S. Lewis On Assuming Our Age’s Ideas Are Right

We can’t just assume that the most recent is the best. We need to realize that posterity will discard much of what we value, but will retain some as having permanent value.


Laughter and Holiness

Should we not see that lines of laughter about the eyes are just as much marks of faith as are the lines of care and seriousness?