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Can Suffering Really Set You Free?

My friend Jono Linebaugh (New Testament Professor at Knox Theological Seminary and content manager for LIBERATE) recently sat down with me to have an in depth conversation about Glorious Ruin: How Suffering Sets You Free.

Glorious Ruin Promo from Coral Ridge | LIBERATE on Vimeo.


  1. I’m reading this book called “sifted” (God’s scandalous Response to Satan’s Outrageous Response)Just when you might think you might be educated in theology you read something in a book about a relationship that’s still on going with God & Satan since the casting out of Lucifer and his host of fallen angels…Job, Peter and much more. As the writer explains (against everything we would think otherwise)How many people would think that God would never give Satan permission to destroy, Kill, or do anything he has in mind to prove a point to God and God say OK to his elect. obviously Satan wouldn’t Ask God permission to do something to one of his own… I am completely caught of guard in the sense on how many times(conversations) Satan and God/Jesus had(example) and God gave permission with Job but with the 1 restriction he wasn’t allowed to take his life and only that restriction. Here and with peter when Jesus had a conversation with Satan and asked permission to sift Peter like wheat and Jesus later only told Peter… but I have prayed for you… and Jesus allowed Satan to sift Peter to not only accomplish what he already new what would be the end result but teach us through the many allowances recorded in the bible not only for it’s then intended purposes but a much broader picture that still carries over today and it could be said ‘Can Suffering Set You Free” and the answer is yes once you understand how and why God allows Satan to bring What ever he has in his arsenal against God’s own Children and I know It defies all who God is but though we can’t fully grasp it in it’s fullest sense we know it’s true but the main issue IS being able to look around from what we can’t see and focus on what we can see in the valuable lessons God has for us in Yes you can be set free in suffering regardless of what methods God uses it’s the outcome that produces results. And I’m Only halfway through this book. this is how I see it so far.

  2. The best thing we’ve ever heard about the book of Job was by Pastor Joseph Prince, New Creation Church, Singapore. Highly recommended for anyone wanting a fresh look at this.

    (sermon cd #0181)


  3. “suffering cannot rob us of joy. only idolatry can” . . . such a powerful truth that changes our entire experience in the middle of suffering when we fully embrace it, when we fully embrace Him.

    thank you for being a consistent voice of gospel truth,

  4. Rich and I need to get your book. Check out Rich’s website, http://www.richsride.org. Rich knows about suffering and now I seem to be living in a make believe sense of how I “try to avoid” suffering. But by doing the “act” of avoidance, I am truly suffering also. Rich wrote a book about suffering. It is called RELENTLESS GRACE. I believe it is worth sharing with you. Let me know if I can send you a copy. Thank you for sharing this video. I took notes! I look forward to getting the book and begin the road to freedom, once again!

  5. Pastor
    This is a repeat but it makes good sense. I was reading “Glorious Ruin” last night.

  6. Here’s my 2-cents on the purpose of suffering from the story of David and Absalom:


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