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What Law?

Jono Linebaugh, theologian-in-residence for LIBERATE, asks and then answers the question: Is what Paul refers to as “law” synonymous with the law given to Moses? This is a big question that has received a lot of attention in recent years. Jono writes:

In a recent post entitled “Ifs Kill,” Tullian Tchividjian explored the definition and the effects of the law. His basic claim was this: When Paul refers to the law in his letters he usually means “a command attached to a condition” and it is the conditions – the “ifs” – that diagnose and deal death to sinners. This raised a question for some readers: Is what Paul refers to as “law” synonymous with the law given to Moses or is he attacking a 1st century misunderstanding of the law, or perhaps even some humanly created ordinances masquerading as God’s will? As one commenter on Tullian’s post expressed the concern, when Paul writes “law” he is not referring to “the true law” but “to the additional man-made laws created by the Pharisees during the 1st century.” The evidence given: “Throughout history most theologians have agreed.”

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