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A Call to Action

Jimmy Carter Reviewed by: Hannah Anderson

Get Your Hands Dirty

Jordan Ballor Reviewed by: Micah Watson

How God Became Jesus

Michael Bird, Craig Evans, Simon Gathercole, Charles Hill, and Chris Tilling Reviewed by: Andreas J. Köstenberger

Why We Eat Our Own

Michael Cheshire Reviewed by: Barnabas Piper

Calvin on the Christian Life

Michael Horton Reviewed by: Derek Rishmawy

What’s Best Next

Matt Perman Reviewed by: Hugh Whelchel

Now That I’m a Christian

C. Michael Patton Reviewed by: Cole Huffman

What’s Your Worldview?

James N. Anderson Reviewed by: Nate Claiborne

Book Notes

10 Essential Classics of Western Literature

Reading a great text brings benefits, but these benefits work in “agricultural time,” not computing time.

Help in Gospel-Centered Bible Reading

From The Jesus Story Book Bible to Gospel-Centered Hermeneutics, Dane Ortlund offers a list of books to help you keep Jesus at the center of all your Bible reading.

9 Recommended Books on Leadership

The Bible isn't exhaustive when it comes leadership, but good leadership principles will resonate with it. Matt Perman suggests nine books to help us think through theological and practical issues that every leader faces.


The Explicit Gospel

Matt Smethurst

The gospel is big enough that we can keep coming at it and seeing really beautiful things.



The World Is Not Ours to Save

Tyler Wigg-Stevenson

Wigg-Stevenson seeks to save us activist evangelicals from our best intentions.


Coming This Month

Crazy Busy

Kevin DeYoung

Gray Matters

Brett McCracken

To Live Is Christ to Die Is Gain

Matt Chandler with Jared Wilson