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Mark Dever and Greg Gilbert | Interview by: John Starke

Greg Gilbert offers advice on knotty questions every pastors, young or old, has to think about.

The Explicit Gospel

Matt Chandler | Interview by: Matt Smethurst

The gospel is big enough that we can keep coming at it and seeing really beautiful things.

40 Questions About the End Times

Eckhard Schnabel | Interview by: Matt Smethurst

Managing to avoid the sensationalism that so often infuses end times discussion, Schnabel examines the relevant biblical texts and offers thoughtful responses to common questions.

The Joy of Calvinism

Greg Forster | Interview by: Matt Smethurst

Greg Forster seeks to expose common counterfeits and demonstrate that "real Calvinism is all about joy."

The Intolerance of Tolerance

D. A. Carson | Interview by: John Starke

In some domains it's now wrong (supreme irony) to say that anyone is wrong.

Invitation to Biblical Interpretation

Andreas J. Köstenberger and Richard Patterson | Interview by: Matt Smethurst

Andreas Köstenberger gives a sense of what method and spiritual posture the interpreter should have when approaching the Bible.

A New Testament Biblical Theology

G. K. Beale | Interview by: John Starke

G. K. Beale seeks to write a biblical theology that is up to date with the latest research while maintaining a desire to glorify God.

Preaching and Teaching Revelation: Interview with James Hamilton

James M. Hamilton Jr. | Interview by: Matt Smethurst

Revelation deserves further study, consideration, and attention.

Christ-Centered Biblical Theology

Graeme Goldsworthy | Interview by: Collin Hansen

Biblical theology seeks to understand the dynamic unity of the Bible while, at the same time, taking full account of its rich diversity.

God’s Grand Design

Sean Michael Lucas | Interview by: Matt Smethurst

Our understanding of God’s work of redemption is too small if we simply restrict it to personal salvation. But Edwards would urge that it is not individualistic to believe that individuals must be saved.

Work Matters

Tom Nelson | Interview by: Matt Smethurst

Whatever our vocational calling, our workplaces are opportunities to fulfill the Great Commission but also the Great Commandment.

Gospel Wakefulness

Jared C. Wilson | Interview by: Matt Smethurst

By God's grace, we have an abundance of literature exploring and rediscovering the gospel. This book seeks to exult in the good news.

The Meaning of Marriage

Tim Keller | Interview by: John Starke

God and his love must be a spiritual reality in your life if you are going to be able to love your spouse steadily over the long haul.

Reading Scripture with the Reformers

Timothy George | Interview by: John Starke

The Reformers turned the world upside down by returning afresh to Scripture.

Death to Dostoevsky by Angry Birds

Tony Reinke | Interview by: John Starke

Tony Reinke saw the need for a book that is theological and would also encourage struggling readers with practical suggestions.

The Wisdom of Solomon and the Greater Glories of Christ

Phil Ryken | Interview by: Collin Hansen

Phil Ryken: 'Jesus is greater in his superior wisdom, which is infinite in its knowledge of the truth. Jesus is greater in his vast wealth; as the Lord of heaven and earth, he owns everything. Jesus is greater in the extent of his kingdom, which spans the entire universe.'

Must Adam Be Historical? An Interview with John Collins

C. John Collins | Interview by: John Starke

Lately evangelicals have been thinking hard about evolution, the historic Adam, and how the rest of the Bible and humanity relates to him.

Wisdom Christology: An Interview with Dan Ebert

Daniel J. Ebert IV | Interview by: Andy Naselli

The Power in Persuasion: An Interview with N.D. Wilson and Doug Wilson

N. D. Wilson and Douglas Wilson | Interview by: John Starke

An Interview with Vern Poythress on Redeeming Sociology

Vern Sheridan Poythress | Interview by: John Starke

God's character is fundamental to understanding humanity, because we are under God's control and authority, we live in his presence, and we are made in his image.