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Roman Catholic Ecumenism: Let the Italian Evangelicals Speak

Jul 24, 2014 | Leonardo De Chirico

Italian evangelicals are increasingly puzzled by the way in which evangelicals globally relate to the Roman Catholic Church and to Pope Francis in particular. Read More

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Apologetics and the Role of Plausibility Structures

Jul 18, 2014 | Joe Carter

Plausibility structures can prevent us from forming beliefs that are inconsistent with experience and evidence. But they can also have a negative impact, preventing us from forming true beliefs about reality. Read More

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Women of the Word

Jul 18, 2014 | Karen Hodge

Wilkin urges us to look beyond our shortsighted and often self-centered approaches and to be nourished by the Word incarnate himself. Read More

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New Audio: ‘Homosexuality and the Bible: Getting the Story Straight’

Jul 17, 2014 | Matt Smethurst

Listen to Robert Gagnon tackle the Bible's perspective on loving homosexual relationships. Read More

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Was Luther a Calvinist?

Jul 15, 2014 | Douglas A. Sweeney

It's true that Calvin was called a Lutheran for the early part of his ministry. But was Luther a Calvinist? Read More

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Can We Still Believe the Bible?

Jul 14, 2014 | Michael J. Kruger

Blomberg has produced a deeply valuable and much-needed defense of the authority of Scripture in our modern age. Read More

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The Great Commission for Apologetics

Jul 11, 2014 | Paul Rezkalla

Christians need to be ready to give a defense for what they believe. But this is not all that we are commanded to do in 1 Peter 3:15. Read More

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Why Study the Prophets?

Jul 10, 2014 | Nancy Guthrie

What is it that makes the Old Testament prophetic books difficult to get a handle on? Read More

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Christ the Educator

Jul 02, 2014 | Jonathan Pennington

Scripture, theology, and church history all show us that while Christ is certainly a Teacher, he's also more. He is the Educator of Souls. Read More

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Why Choose ‘Rebuild’ for Your Bible Study?

Jun 26, 2014 | Matt Smethurst

Don't let the learning of this remarkable Old Testament book stay in Orlando. Bring it home! Read More