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What’s All This ‘Gospel-Centered’ Talk About?

Sep 16, 2014 | Dane Ortlund

The gospel is the front page of the newspaper, not the back-page advice column; news of what has happened, not advice on how to live. Read More

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Regarded as ‘Intolerant Haters’: What’s New?

Sep 09, 2014 | Michael J. Kruger

Pejoratives were given to Christians from the beginning. What does this teach us about how to respond to critics today? Read More

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Not the You You Remember

Sep 05, 2014 | Betsy Childs

Would you give all your laughter to be rid of your laugh lines? Read More

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Shame, the Image of God, and Finding Freedom to Love

Sep 05, 2014 | Scott Sauls

Everyone is fighting a hidden battle with shame. The greatest joy of the Christian pastor is getting to tell people that a remedy exists. Read More

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4 Things Jesus Didn’t Die For

Sep 04, 2014 | Caleb Flores

Can you think of anything less American than grace? Read More

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Dear College Students, Read These Books

Sep 03, 2014 | Matt Smethurst

Whether non-Christian, new Christian, or mature Christian, every college student should read these books. Read More

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Should I Attend a Same-Sex Wedding?

Sep 03, 2014 | Matthew Hosier

Probably sooner than later, every Christian must decide whether or not you will attend a same-sex wedding. Read More

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4 Things God Says to Singles

Sep 02, 2014 | Vaughan Roberts

Instead of focusing on the difficulties of being single, we should all make the most of the advantages of God’s gift of singleness while we have it. Read More

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God Loves My Boring, Unimportant Neighborhood

Aug 29, 2014 | Darren Carlson

We love reaching young, educated, globally minded, influential people who live in diverse cities. So who will reach the lower ends of the middle class? Read More

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8 Ways to Comfort the Suffering

Aug 28, 2014 | Evan Welcher

I for one can’t wait to look back from the vantage point of eternity and see how our God orchestrated it all. But until that day much theory is idle speculation. Read More