The Gospel Coalition

Council Conferences
2008 Pastors Colloquium
2008  |  Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

The 2008 Pastors’ Colloquium was a three-day gathering of The Gospel Coalition Council members. The theme of the program focused on various aspects related to the running tension between Christ and culture. The format included the presentation of four papers, followed by a respondent, and then open-discussion.

Content Session #1:

Presenter: Don Carson
Respondent: Stephen Um

Kingdom and individual belief: more precisely, what is the relationship between biblical emphases on the (corporate) kingdom and on communitarian life, and individual salvation? How shall we address the increasingly wide-spread perception that Jesus emphasized the former while Paul emphasized the latter? How do these considerations bear on the broader theological debate that runs along the axis all the way from Hauerwas and the neo-Anabaptist vision to theonomy?

Content Session #2:

Presenter: Sandy Willson 
Respondent: John Yates

Church and state: more precisely, how do Christians interact with the law of the land? How should they attempt to legislate? To what extent should they be trying to make God's law the law of the land?

Content Session #3:

Presenter: Tim Keller 
Respondent: Andy Davis

Gospel and the poor/marginalized: more precisely, how does our commitment to the primacy of the gospel tie in to our obligation to do good to all, especially those of the household of faith, to serve as salt and light in the world, to do good to the city? What should our motives, priorities, and expectations be?

Content Session #4:

Presenter: Reddit Andrews 
Respondent: Mark Dever

Polemical theology: more precisely, how should Christians engage with what we perceive to be false teaching not only in the church, but in the culture at large? What responsibility do we have for addressing so-called "defeater beliefs"? What should our stance be?