The Gospel Coalition

Council Conferences
2010 Pastors Colloquium
2010  |  Chicago

The 2010 Pastors’ Colloquium was a three-day gathering outside Chicago of The Gospel Coalition Council members, each of whom brought along one guest who observed the meetings. Discussion centered around the nature and necessity of conversion, led by Mark Dever, John Yates, Don Carson, Juan Sanchez, Crawford Loritts, David Helm, Tim Keller, and others. We also devoted substantial time to getting to know one another, including new Council members Kevin DeYoung, Ryan Kelly, and David Powlison. Armed with knowledge of specific needs, the Council interceded with God for one another and the various ministries represented. Finally, the Council discussed business such as the forthcoming national women's conference and brainstormed new ways TGC can promote gospel-centered ministry for the next generation.

Content Session #1: The Nature and Necessity of Conversion

Presenter: Mark Dever 
Respondent: John Yates

Content Session #2: The Diversity of Conversion Patterns (Acts)

Presenter: Francis Chan 
Respondent: Juan Sanchez

Content Session #3: Biblically Enshrined Motives in Conversion

Presenter: Don Carson
Respondent: Crawford Loritts

Content Session #4: Entailments of a Biblical Grasp of Conversion for Preaching

Presenter: David Helm
Respondent: Tim Keller