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Does the Bible claim Jesus is God? How so? Mike Andrus | May 28, 2008 | Category: Interviews | Topic: Person of Christ

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Pastor Andrus, came to know Christ personally as a boy of five, led by his father to an understanding of his own sin and the meaning of Christ’s death and resurrection.  Growth was slow but steady throughout his youth and teen years.  Pastor Andrus father was a pastor and an educator and their family was always involved in solid evangelical churches.  In addition he enjoyed some life-changing Christian camping experiences. 

Pastor Andrus felt a definite call to a ministry of teaching when in the second grade and never doubted that call.  While he did make a significant change from the academic world to local church ministry in 1975, he still believes that his call to teach is basic to God’s claim on his life.

Pastor Andrus is married to Jan, and they have two children: Eddie and Andy.