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  • Coming Alongside Filipino Pastors

    Christians in this densely packed region, though largely conservative in beliefs, struggle to know their true identity in Christ. Impoverished conditions in greater Manila seem to have yielded ground for a false gospel, one that offers the allure of temporary satisfaction, an exchange of the Creator for the created.

  • In the Caribbean

    The Millers have labored through power outages and alongside monkeys, lizards and centipedes to commit themselves and their young family to leaving behind a sustainable, nationally led ministry in every country they serve.

  • Feeding Congo’s Hungry Pastors

    “So that when he had to flee, the one thing he could grab was his books...”

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The Gospel for Sweden

A Swedish believer talks about the dearth of gospel clarity in his country. We can help.

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Platt Commissioned by Brook Hills in Final Sunday as Senior Pastor

Praying that his work has not been in vain, Platt urged Brook Hills to resist 'comfortable, casual, cultural Christianity, because that’s not Christianity.'

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