Where Are Packing Hope Resources Being Deployed Around the World?

Because of your support and partnership, we are seeing Packing Hope resources go around the world. Here are a few recent quotes from our partners. Books are being deployed in some amazing places!

Bringing Christ to Castaways

Maxwell Blay grew up in Ghana as an outcast of his tribe, stigmatized as unclean by virtue of being the tenth-born of his mother. The Bulu curse branded him and all those around him. Yet he had not been aborted before birth—the fate of his kind—or killed or abandoned in the jungle.

Polishing the Pearl of Africa

Due to religious persecution, Filberto recently lost his job of eight years as a secondary teacher at a prestigious school. He considers it a worthy cause to be counted to suffer for the name of Christ and he’s confident the Lord will provide another job to support his family of four.

Pipelines for the Gospel: Russia and Ukraine

Ukraine is also vital to the spread of the Gospel. Considered a Bible belt, it has a stronger Christian legacy and more freedom of religion than its neighbors. “It’s a natural conduit, and more respected for its shipping. From Ukraine it’s easier to get books to the rest of the CIS.”

Solidifying the Gospel in Puerto Rico and Latin America

You might be shocked to hear that Latin America has been inundated with the apostolic movement and the teachings of Benny Hinn, Joel Osteen and similar types of preachers. In most evangelical churches, teachings on prosperity, subjectivism and theological moralism prevail.

The Power of the Gospel in Ecuador

“Books are like gold. Literature is expensive; we have to depend on outside groups for help.”

First 100 Partners in Theological Famine Relief

We are thanking God for our first 100 Partners in Theological Famine Relief. Will you join us as we reach for 100% funding?

12 Favorite Promises for the Cause of Global Missions

Here are a dozen of my favorite scriptural promises for the cause of global missions, to remind us that what He has started, He will complete.