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God is calling each of us to join him in his global mission of calling a people for himself from every tongue, tribe, and nation. His mission involves both senders and goers. John Piper puts it well; "To belong to Jesus is to embrace the nations with him... your heart was made for this." The resources on this page are provided in order that God might stir your heart and your actions as your consider your role in his great global mission.

Latest Blog Posts

The 'Gospel' That Almost Killed Me

March 27, 2014 | Sean DeMars

I'm in a bathtub. I can't get up. I feel like I'm about to die. Mercury poisoning. The water in the tub has grown cold. Maybe that's why I feel so cold. I've been marinating in my own soup stock for the past two hours. I'm floating in and out of consciousness. Whenever I can concentrate I begin to pray. Jesus, please, save me. Please, heal me. I repent, I put my whole heart into prayer right now, and I cast out any doubt or fear. I know you can heal me. Please heal me! My mom's keys are rattling in the doorknob now, and I hear the door thud ...

St. Patrick: Reclaiming the Great Missionary

March 17, 2014 | Mike Pettengill

Today most people know St. Patrick for green beer, banishing snakes from Ireland, using shamrocks to teach the Trinity, or his walking stick growing into a living tree. Indeed, none of these legends has anything to do with the real Patrick. However, the factual accounts of Patrick, missionary to Ireland, are even more compelling than the folklore. Telling the true story of Patrick provides an inspiring lesson in God's grace and mercy. While other 1,500-year-old characters in history are difficult to research because too few writings have survived time, Pa...

TGC IO Update: ESV Global Study Bible Distribution

March 14, 2014 | Bill Walsh

At the beginning of 2013, TGC International Outreach partnered with Crossway to raise almost $19,000 (including a matching grant) to obtain 3,000 copies of the ESV Global Study Bible. Our purpose was to make these Bibles available to our worldwide missions network with the goal of putting them into the hands of Global South pastors who badly need them. Here's a quick report on what happened in 2013. We believe God has uniquely blessed us with a global network of likeminded churches and missions who are able to get these Bibles to...