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Having worked closely together for the last six years, Crossway and The Gospel Coalition (TGC) are pleased to announce the formalization and significant expansion of their ongoing publishing partnership.

In the new partnership, Crossway will continue to publish TGC resources dedicated to the centrality of the gospel and the Scripture-based reformation of ministry. In addition to publishing conference volumes presently published by Crossway, TGC and Crossway will work closely together to develop a series of books written specifically by women addressing cultural issues, as well as other unique resources focused on faith and work.

"There are only a handful of organizations whose leadership is committed to producing gospel-centered resources at a level that we trust," says Ben Peays, executive director of TGC. "Crossway has been a close partner of ours since our inception in 2007. We are pleased to deepen our publishing partnership with them going forward."

Since 2009, Crossway and The Gospel Coalition have produced 18 publications, including Don't Call It a Comeback, edited by Kevin DeYoung; The Scriptures Testify about Me, edited by D. A. Carson, and The Gospel as Centeran anthology expounding TGC's foundational documents, edited by D. A. Carson and Timothy Keller.

"The Gospel Coalition is one of the most important and influential organizations in today's evangelicalism, serving churches with resources for reformation and renewal," says Justin Taylor, Crossway's publisher for books. "It is an enormous privilege for Crossway to strengthen this publishing partnership with TGC, and we look forward to producing many unique books together that will create new conversations and provide direction on the things that matter most."

TGC editorial director Collin Hansen will oversee this effort alongside three other editors. Kathleen Nielson and Gloria Furman will edit the book series written specifically by women.

Bethany Jenkins will direct the faith and work initiative.



July 27, 2013 at 08:36 PM

It's great to hear Crossway will be publishing resources on women, faith and work. According to the U.S. Census, the majority of married women do work outside the home. In fact, it's the same percentage as 20 years ago. It's not a new phenomenon.

Many women love their jobs and find it a wonderful opportunity to reach others for Christ.

Patricia Hickman

July 26, 2013 at 01:46 PM

This is indeed an answer to prayer, especially for Reformed and faithful women who are hungry for gospel-central books.

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