The Gospel Coalition


The City


Discover individuals and churches in your area that have an interest in promoting gospel- centered ministry.


Connect with people who live near you, or with those who share an area of interest.


Use The City to plan an event. Coordinate and announce a gathering--anything from coffee at a local cafe to a larger conference.


Use the Marketplace to tell your community about service projects, equipment needs, employment opportunities, prayer requests, pulpit supply needs, or anything else.

Church Directory


Find a church in your area that shares the same doctrinal beliefs and vision for ministry as The Gospel Coalition.


Add your church to the directory and share your church website, location, mission, and service times.

Regional Chapters

Regional chapters aim to establish local, more contextualized leadership that is far more effective than our central Council can possibly be in any one area. The goal is to help create physical friendships in a local area so as to more effectively identify challenges and solutions for gospel-centered ministry in a particular context.


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The City

Our online community of over 8,000 people from 65 different countries is called The City. You will find groups based on geographical location as well as special interests in order to help you connect with like-minded, gospel-centered people.

Church Directory

The church directory is designed to be a tool for finding churches that want to publicly align themselves with the ministry and vision of The Gospel Coalition.

Regional Chapters

Our regional chapters take what is happening at the larger, national level and better contextualize it for smaller, local areas.