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Latest Issue: Volume 38, Issue 3


Jesus, the Theological Educator

Keith Ferdinando

Jesus was a theological educator. He was, of course, much more than that, but certainly no less. He taught the twelve, and he taught the crowds. The Gospels frequently call him ‘teacher’ or ‘rabbi’, suggestive of the popular reputation he gained for teaching. Indeed, more than once he identified himself as a teacher, confirming the assessment of others: ‘You call me “Teacher” and “Lord”, and rightly so, for that is what I am’ (John 13:13; cf. Matt 23:10; 26:18). . . .

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“The Voice of His Blood”: Christ’s Intercession in the Thought of Stephen Charnock

Gavin Ortlund

The nineteenth-century Scottish Presbyterian theologian William Symington wrote concerning Christ’s intercession, “in a practical and consolatory point of view, its interest is not exceeded even by the Atonement. The two are, however, inseparably connected; although we fear that, in this instance, men have not been sufficiently aware of the evil of putting asunder what God has joined together.” It seems that in much contemporary evangelical thought the doctrine of Christ’s intercession has been underappreciated . . . .

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The Ministerial Ideal in the Ordination Sermons of Jonathan Edwards: Four Theological Portraits

Robert Caldwell

As Jonathan Edwards’s reputation for defending moderate New Light revivalism grew in the 1740s, others increasingly sought him to preside over the ordination of ministers in nearby churches. Edwards used these occasions to explore the various dimensions of gospel ministry and the solemn responsibilities that both minister and congregation embrace when joining in an ecclesial union. What Edwards took to be the ministerial ideal shines forth brightly in these sermons . . . .

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Book Reviews

History and Historical Theology
Systematic Theology and Bioethics

Christian Philosophy: A Systematic and Narrative Introduction

Craig G. Bartholomew and Michael W. Goheen
Mission and Culture

Bonhoeffer, Christ, and Culture

Keith L. Johnson and Timothy Larsen, eds

Latest Issue

Volume 38
Issue 3

Nov 2013

This latest issue of Themelios has 200 pages of columns, articles, and book reviews.


The Hole in the Gospel

D. A. Carson

John complains, “I simply cannot resolve this calculus problem.” Sarah offers a solution:…

Liberty, What Crimes Are Committed in Thy Name?

Michael J. Ovey

Does someone have the right to harm their own soul? Or if you don’t much like the talk of ‘soul’,…


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