The Gospel Coalition


Volume 37, Issue 1

Apr 2012

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Take Up Your Cross and Follow Me

D. A. Carson

For many people, the thought of missionary work sounds, at best, painfully old-fashioned...

The Goldilocks Zone

Michael J. Ovey

‘Just right’. This is the key refrain in the Goldilocks story as she tries out the chairs, porridge, and beds of the three bears, whose home she has entered (apparently illegally, but nothing turns on that). ‘Just right’ is also a good summary of a formidable (if not conclusive) apologetic argument for God’s existence...


John Owen on Union with Christ and Justification

J. V. Fesko

C. S. Lewis argues that we should prefer old books over new books because every age has its own outlook. By reading old books, we can learn from the past and possibly correct errors in our own outlook...

The Earth Is Crammed with Heaven: Four Guideposts to Reading and Teaching the Song of Songs

Douglas Sean O’Donnell

Perhaps when you read the Song of Songs you feel as perplexed as the Ethiopian eunuch did with Isaiah. If asked, “Do you understand what you are reading?” (Acts 8:30b), you can only reply, “How can I, unless someone guides me?”...

The Profit of Employing the Biblical Languages: Scriptural and Historical Reflections1

Jason DeRouchie

In 1524, six years after posting his “Ninety-five Theses,” Martin Luther (1483–1546), father of the Protestant Reformation, charged his contemporaries...

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