The Gospel Coalition


Volume 37, Issue 3

Nov 2012

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More Examples of Intolerant Tolerance

D. A. Carson

Since The Intolerance of Tolerance was published, readers have been sending me new examples they have spotted-examples of egregious intolerance masquerading in the name of tolerance. Sometimes these examples have been accompanied with a plea to incorporate them in any revised edition that might be called for...

Off the Record: Sorrow at Another’s Good?

Michael J. Ovey

One of the most unnerving things you can read is John Milton’s great poem Paradise Lost. Don’t mistake me—I do not dislike the work, far from it. I love it and deeply admire it, but it is profoundly unnerving. Let me explain...


The Present and Future of Biblical Theology1

Andreas J. Köstenberger

In his influential address, “Discourse on the Proper Distinction between Biblical and Dogmatic Theology, and the Right Determination of the Aims of Each,” Johann Philipp Gabler (1753–1826) lodged the programmatic proposal that scholars ought to distinguish between biblical and systematic theology...

Music, Singing, and Emotions: Exploring the Connections

Rob Smith

Music, singing and emotions: what are the connections? The question is by no means new, but it’s certainly one that has received renewed attention in recent times...

The Writing Pastor: An Essay on Spiritual Formation

Peter R. Schemm Jr.

Some of the most valuable and lasting contributions made to the Christian faith have come through Christian scholarship. Indeed, the church has a rich heritage of those we may refer to as writing pastors—those who have served the church through the discipline and ministry of writing...

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