The Gospel Coalition


OK, so you’re getting ready for your next international missions trip.


Got your passport? Check.
Clothes? Check.
Toothbrush? Check.

Missing anything?


How about packing some hope?


Famine relief usually refers to an organized effort to reduce starvation. Relief efforts are put into place when an undernourished people group is suffering from a lack of vital nutrition. Although The Gospel Coalition has been working hard in recent years to resource the North American church--which now has a glut of Christian resources--we realize that much more needs to be done to serve the rest of the world, particularly church leaders. The statistics are staggering for the theological famine--or lack of theological resources--that the rest of the world endures.


The Gospel Coalition is leading a massive relief effort aimed at stamping out theological famine around the world. Through partnerships with organizations, people, and churches around the world, we will be producing, translating and distributing tens of thousands of resources aimed to provide theological famine relief for the global church.


Want to Help?

We are working to target and meet these needs with the resources God has given us. But shipping items internationally can be really expensive. It often costs more than the resources themselves!


Whether you’re traveling for missions, business, or even vacation, you can help us serve the global church by bringing along theological resources to those in need particularly in Africa, Asia, and South America. You can bring resources to equip those you are serving in long-term and short-term missions. 


How It Works


  1. If you are serving overseas in mission (short or long term) and could deploy strategic resources to those with whom you are working, review what we have available and fill out your request for donated resources. The resources are free; you are only responsible for covering U.S. shipping cost to your location.
  2. We will ship these to a U.S. address from where you are departing.
  3. Your role is to pack the resources in your bags and put them into the hands of those in need, ideally in the context of your ministry relationships.
  4. Some of our resources are located in-country and can be shipped to your location. Resource order pages will have information on this if applicable.
  5. While you are there, capture pictures and stories about how God uses these resources for fruitfulness in lives. Then tell us your story so we can encourage others.


Through this very practical partnership with The Gospel Coalition, you can join us in providing theological famine relief for the global church.